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Pre-requisite is OpenLdap server/client :   It should be version-2.4 version2.3 won't work with python-ldap-2.4.7


download python-ldap-2.4.7  untar  edit setup.cfg and change the include-dir and library-dir locations to /usr/local/include  /usr/local/include/sasl
and /usr/local/lib  /usr/local/lib/sasl2

and zope's python build    and  install  

> But I ran into a problem while trying to build on my x86_64 Linux box:
> Modules/constants.c: In function 'LDAPinit_constants':
> Modules/constants.c:152: error: 'LDAP_OPT_DIAGNOSTIC_MESSAGE'

Problem is that those variables avail with  openldap 2.4.x not with 2.3 so you need to upgrade to opne-ldap- 2.4  after a cvsup -g -L 2 /root/portsupfile

But then it complained about libtool >=2.4  so I tried to  portupgrade -R libtool.  but it unable to find  devel/libtool.

so I   cd   /usr/ports/devel/libtool   which 2.4   then done make install clean
 then installed openldap-24-server  with  SASL option checked. 

#library_dirs = /opt/openldap-RE24/lib
library_dirs = /usr/local/lib /usr/local/lib/sasl2
#include_dirs = /opt/openldap-RE24/include /usr/include/sasl
include_dirs = /usr/local/include /usr/local/include/sasl

after editing the setup.cfg file in python-ldap2.4.7  I ran   ~/zope/Python/bin/python build  successful

then     ~/zope/Python/bin/python install

setuptools 0.6c9 is already the active version in easy-install.pth
Installing easy_install script to /usr/local/PLONE33INTR/Python-2.4/bin
Installing easy_install-2.4 script to /usr/local/PLONE33INTR/Python-2.4/bin

Using /usr/local/PLONE33INTR/Python-2.4/lib/python2.4/site-packages/setuptools-0.6c9-py2.4.egg
Finished processing dependencies for python-ldap==2.4.7
[root@sun /usr/local/PLONELDAP/python-ldap-2.4.7]#

Success...  No  Buildout.cfg installation  for   python-ldap successful.

But when I  tried to start my openldap using   /usr/local/etc/rc.d/slapd   nothing is starting  sockstat -4p 389 returns nothing runnning.

 but no error reporrt : 

Checking   /var/log/debug.log     telling  ldap   can't find  backend  bdb.  I forgot bdb to checked  while installing  openldap24-server.  So I reinstalled  openldap24-server with bdb  and sasl options checked.
Now everything okay.

Next step is to Install PloneLDAP   for our PLONE3.3 installation.
I downloaded the PloneLDAP  PloneLDAP-bundle-1.0.tar.gz  and untarred  it to the zinstance/products directory and restarted the server I am able to find the ActiveDirectory and PloneLDAP plugins in the ACL_User folder of my intranet site.

Here we need to install simplon.plone.ldap  for getting the LDAP config panel in Plone control panel.

simplon.plone.ldap-1.0.tar.gz  downloaded and  and untarred it a location say /usr/local    then edite for the following to disable.

only this option should be enabled for simplone.


Then   ~/zopeinstance/python/bin/python build && install  will install successfully. But doesn't appear in  Plone Control panel.

Solution :  

[root@storm /usr/local/PLONE33/zinstance/src/intranet.policy/intranet/policy]# ee configure.zcml

add an entry for    simplon.plone.ldap

    <include package="intranet.theme"/>
    <include package="simplon.plone.ldap"/>

then restart the zope then in Plone control panel add/remove section it will be visible as LDAP Support just install it.

Then configure it   for the ldap parameters.
add the attributes 
Please share the following details

1. rDN attribute  ( is it cn/sn/mail or uid ? )  ==>uid

2. user id attribute ( is it cn/sn/mail or uid ? ) ==> uid

3. login name attribute ( is it cn/sn/mail or uid ? ) ==>

4. Ldap object class ( is it inetOrgPerson  or pilotPerson ?) ==>inetOrgPerson

5. Bind DN  ( will be a manager account with the bind password
(  format: cn=Manager,dc=asdc,dc=army,dc=mil)   password ?
==>  cn=admin,dc=dbrait,dc=edu    password is admin

6. Base DN for users  ==> ou=people,dc=dbrait,dc=edu

7. Base DN for groups ==>  ou=groups,dc=dbrait,dc=edu

Then   in LDAP Servers 

You add  server Name (Not IP address)
                       type    just  LDAP  (not ssl)
connection timeout 5
operation timeout   10 sec  thats it   :  But in the Plone machine were it hosted   you  add   /etc/hosts

then save it   Now plone will accept the ldap users credentials for auth. is the latest interface to manage ldap connections for Plone-4.0 onwards

you can install it with downloading the package and  using your zope instance python build and install

Then it won't appear in add/remove product of  plone sitesetup
You need to do   a   ee "" file in
[root@sun /usr/PLONE-414/zinstance/parts/instance/etc/package-includes

]#   with the following contents

<include package="" />  then restart plone it will appear in sitesetup.

If you want to manually add the ploneLdap plugin,  go to  ZMI then select your website's  acl_user folder add the ploneLdap plugin from the dropdown list and add the dn,rdn etc attributes.

Then add the ldap server and port for the connection.


thats it


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