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XML Parsing in Python Using ElementTree

from elementtree.ElementTree import ElementTree , SubElement

Here is an xml  parsing and replace program for its body  tag contents.


import sys

from  elementtree.ElementTree  import ElementTree,                                                                                      SubElement



doc = ElementTree(file = "sample.xml")

# find the body element by tag name

body = doc.getroot().findall("body")[0]

# Remove all child elements, text(and attributes)


body.clear( )


# Insert new lead text

body.text  =  "This is  a new memo. Send responses to \n"

new_element = SubElement(body,  'a', {'href':                                                                         ''})

new_element.text = ""

new_element.tail = "\nThanks. \n"

# write  out  the modified XML

memoxml = open ("/root/Desktop/memo.xml", "w")




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