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Mr. S. Maniam


IDN Working Group INFITT Mr. S. Maniam has been active internationally in Tamil computing initiatives since the early 90’s. He was originally involved with developing the first Tamil Keyboard in Singapore and subsequently was a co-founder of INFITT – the International Forum for Information Technology in Tamil, an organization dedicated to keep the 4000+ year old Tamil language computationally relevant as well as enable the 70M+ Tamil speakers to use the Internet. Within INFITT, after a multi-year coordination between Tamils from several countries where the Tamil Diaspora have settled, he has championed the introduction of the Tamil language into Microsoft Windows platform recently. In addition, as the INFITT Working Group chairman for Tamil IDNs he has been instrumental in coordinating the selection and launching of such TLDs in the Tamil-speaking countries. Over the years he has worked in the Tamil computing industry in Singapore, Malaysia and India both for other companies and now as an entrepreneur running his own firm. He has also been a very active volunteer in promoting the use of Tamil computing amongst less-privileged school children from the Indian community in Singapore and Malaysia. 

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