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Open source software has become more prevalent these days.  Lot of organizations and software industry are using open source software for development and research in various countries across the globe.

Under NRCFOSS we are trying to do an open source compliance that is made to help open source development community, organizations and companies to adopt best practices on compliance for use or development of open source software across the country.

The new environment of the organizations or companies dealing with different licences and licensors and contributors results in risks that are managed through compliance and engineering practices.

Open Source Compliance Program

     The Self-Assessment Checklist is constructed using at least two concepts from well-established models of process maturity such as the
Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model:
  •     Process adoption progresses from initial process definition through institutionalization to a state of controlled process management. The goal of a compliance process, as with any process, is to achieve consistent and expected business results from its use. A checklist of recommended practices should prompt companies to assess the extent to which they’ve institutionalized compliance actions and the degree to which those actions produce needed business results.
  •     A distinction should be made between process goals and the practices implemented  to achieve those goals. The compliance checklist explicitly recognizes valid alternative practices that may be used to achieve a particular goal.

Core Practices of Open Source compliance program




Open source Compliance Process

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Open source Compliance Checklist

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Open Source Compliance Corporate Presentations

Presentation -part 1

Presentation -part 2

Presentation -part 3

Presentation -part 4 (Tools)




Open Source Compliance CASE Study


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