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Adaptation of Business Processes

Adaptation of Business Processes focuses on fitting OSS compliance concerns within the context of existing business processes.



1. Existing business processes are modified to incorporate OSS compliance

   activities and considerations.

   a)Compliance activities are mapped against the organization’s product

   development process to identify leverage points.

   b)A process FMEA (failure mode effects analysis) is performed to identify ways

   that compliance failures could occur and the business processes that should be

   modified to prevent such failures.

2. Supply Chain’s supplier selection procedures are tailored to assure that

   OSS compliance requirements are considered when performing due

   diligence on suppliers.

3. Process management assures that OSS compliance activities are

   included early enough in the product development cycle to enable the

   organization to meet its release timelines.

4. Late-cycle verification steps are used to assure that all compliance

   requirements have been met before external distribution occurs.

5. Individuals charged with managing business processes have received

   training in OSS compliance requirements and exhibit sensitivity to OSS

   compliance concerns.



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