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Automation / Tool Support

Automation / Tool Support examines the organization’s use and consideration of tools to support its compliance activities.


1. The organization assesses its compliance process to identify and prioritize
   opportunities for automation and tool support.
2. The organization regularly investigates commercial and OSS tools that
   might provide assistance to compliance activities.
   a)A systematic approach to tool evaluation is taken.
      i)Tool requirements are documented.
      ii)A tool evaluation plan is established and executed.
      iii)Use cases and pilot projects are defined.
      iv)Evaluation licenses are acquired or other mechanisms for experimenting with
      tools are used.
3. Tool acquisition or tool development projects are planned and executed
   according to defined procedures for tool development and adoption.
4. The organization engages in user group meetings and community forums
   related to compliance tools.
5. Mechanisms are used to determine the OSS content of a product release
   and the files that must be subjected to compliance analysis.
6. Tools are used to track OSS issues to closure.
7. Mechanisms are used to determine the differences in software content
   between individual releases of a product for distribution.
8. An initial compliance baseline for a product is established with the aid of
   scanning tools, whenever it is advantageous to do so.
9. A repository of OSS packages is maintained and made available to the

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