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Community Contributions

Community Contributions concerns itself with the review and approval of employee contributions to community projects, as well as company contributions of code and other resources to community projects.



1. Community contributions are reviewed and approved according to a

   defined process.

2. A determination is made whether an employee’s proposed contribution is

   work-related or non-work-related based upon an existing guideline.

   a)The consequent scope of review and approval authority is determined.

3. Community contributor license agreements are reviewed by the OSRB

   and the company’s law department.

4. A mechanism is used to determine whether any of the organization’s

   business units object to the proposed contribution.

5. Copyright ownership of the planned contribution is clarified.

6. A mechanism is used to initiate and plan company contributions of

   financial support, labor, code, or other intellectual property to community


7. Company contributions to open source communities are tracked (e.g.

   both individual contributions such as bug fixes as well as company-

   sponsored projects).


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