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Compliance Process Management

Compliance Process Management focuses on establishing, maintaining, and improving a process capability to achieve OSS compliance.

1. Overall responsibility for achieving organization-wide OSS compliance is
   clearly designated.
   a)The designated compliance officer has access to the organization’s senior
   executives to escalate compliance issues whenever needed.
   b)The compliance support team has access to functional specialties to guide or
   perform compliance activities, e.g. OSRB, documentation production, IT, etc.
   c)An individual or team is designated as the organization’s point of contact to
   the external OSS community for compliance-related communications.
   d)An ombudsman is established so that individual employees have a channel of
   communication to voice their concerns or questions.
2. The team responsible for coordinating compliance activities has visibility
   into product development and product release plans and activities, and
   is able to interface effectively with product teams.
3. Project management fundamentals are applied to managing
   compliance projects and compliance team activities.
   a)Compliance goals and objectives are set.
   b)Compliance project priorities are set.
   c)Compliance effort is estimated.
   d)Compliance resources are assigned.
   e)Compliance projects are planned and scheduled, progress is tracked, and
   issues are escalated as needed.
4. Metrics are defined and collected to assess the effectiveness of the
   organization’s OSS use and its OSS compliance activities.
   a)Corrective actions are taken to address process inadequacies.
   b)A process improvement plan is established for the compliance process.
5. The organization engages in externally-focused benchmarking activities
   to identify potential improvements to its compliance process.
6. The organization maintains an awareness of community initiatives to
   address supply chain issues with respect to OSS compliance.

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