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Open Source Compliace Process

1.Open Source Policy  document  for organization  should be created which addresses roles and responsibilities for compliance actions, a review and approval process for use of OSS, guidelines for contributions to community projects and a review and approval process for contributions, and core processes that must be implemented to govern use of OSS in company products.

2.Prepare Estimation Sheet for Open Source compliance activities

3.Include Compliance activities in PMP

4.Prepare  Risk Tracker Sheet for open Source compliance

5.Set goal , objectives and priorities of open source compliance in metric  sheet

6.Create a repository of Licence text and obligations  to assure  compliance activity / Document the same.

7.Perform code scan and audits and record in Nonconformance Log

8.Any defects can be recorded in issue log

9.Corrective action should be taken and all Logs should be closed  before product release.

10.Finally  open source compliance self assessment checklist Audit should be performed and necessary  actions can be done accordingly


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