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Training addresses the communications needed to assure that the entire company understands

what must be done to achieve OSS compliance.


1. Basic training on the organization’s OSS policy and on the benefits of OSS

   use is provided to all who come into contact with OSS or are involved in

   customer and supplier interactions and in product distribution activities.

   a)The organization maintains a definition of who must take training.

   b)Training records are maintained.

     i)Training objectives are set.

     ii)Follow-up actions are taken to assure planned training is completed.

   c)OSS training is integrated into the organization’s training curriculum and made

   a part of organizational and personal objectives.

   d)OSS training is provided as part of new hire orientation.

2. Additional training on OSS-related topics is provided to augment the

   basic curriculum for both managers and non-managers. Examples include

   organizational procedures; tools; OSS licenses; software architectural

   guidelines; etc.

3. Growth of an internal community of OSS users is encouraged in order to

   provide organizational guidance and leadership with respect to the use

   of OSS in an ethical and compliant way.

4. Refresher training on OSS compliance is provided periodically.



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