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Anytime/Anywhere e-Services-Land Records

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The Land Records data of the entire state has been loaded in the NIC Data Centre. 3.4 crores records of plot details and 2.5 crores records of owner details are available.

Project Description

Project resources

This centralised data offers several citizen services. Gives details on plots of land and ownership details in Rural areas to Citizens over the Web. The services provided are : Chitta extract-owner and land details A-register extract-land details relating to the plot of land classification, Verify the land ownership of a given survey / subdivision, Verify a given extract using the unique reference number. It was Launched on 15/5/2008. Data from taluks is being updated on the centralized server using TNSWAN. More than 3.76 lakhs citizens have visited the web site since launch



Contact Details


Shri P Krishna Prasad

State Informatics Officer NIC,

Tamil Nadu State Centre E-2A,

Rajaji Bhavan Besant Nagar,

Chennai-600090 Ph: 24900028


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