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Secretariat LAN

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A LAN connecting 90 nodes and 24x7 telecommuting services for 41 higher level officials were established through PSTN lines dial-up connectivity at Nagaland Civil Secretariat, Kohima. RF links integrated with Secretariat network has made operational in 2004 which is connecting 25 numbers of RF sites connecting to 21 Directorates, the Chief Minister?s Residential Office, Raj Bhavan, the Chief Secretary?s Residential Office and the VIP Guest House.

Project Description

Project resources

The Internet bandwidth to NIC Nagaland State Centre is 2 Mbps through leased line from Guwahati has been commission in 2005 and backup link is being provided through SCPC?DAMA VSAT with 256kbps for data communication

Contact Details


National Informatics Centre

Nagaland State Centre

New Secretariat Complex

Kohima-797 004 Nagaland Phone:0370-2270022,0370- 2270023

IP Phone :




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