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FOSS in Education.

The available projects in this category, alphabetized.

Development of FOSS Knowledge Bank Repository for Education

Given the abundant availability of FOSS tools to support educational activities, an institution/teacher has to take lot of efforts to select a software for adoption. One has to spend days looking for different softwares, their reviews, comparisons, user experiences, etc. Effective respositories go a long way, in alleviating this kind of problems. If such problems are reduced, then the institutions/teachers can reap the benefits of FOSS much more seamlessly. This is a generic portal framework for knowledge repository which is based on intelligent approaches like information retrieval, machine learning among others. The repository contains web documents classified among various classes like, LMS, CMS, etc. It also contains user experiences for different classes, and comparative analysis of various tools belonging to respective classes. The portal also has features like specialised search engine, collaboration facility for community supported content updates using wiki.

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taking Sharing to the Classroom

The case for Free/Libre and Open Source software(FOSS) in schools

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