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IIT Madras

Indian Institute of Technology Madras is one among the foremost institutes of national importance in higher technological education, basic and applied research. The CSE dept at IIT Madras has a strong research group working on various areas in computer science. Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux (MOOL) project was undertaken by the research group led by Prof. D. Janakiram, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT, Madras. This work addresses maintainability issues of traditional Linux kernel. The original kernel was developed using procedural approach and exhibits excessive common coupling. In order to facilitate the easy evolution of the Linux Kernel, MOOL project has taken a wrapper-based approach to Linux Kernel to provide object oriented abstractions to external modules.

  • Progress Made

    1. OO Scheduler

             Procedural Scheduler of MOOL kernel has  been
             updated to Object Oriented scheduler. Some of  
             the the issues that we faced during this are:
             1. Designated Initializer: An incompatibility
                 between C and C++
             2. Keywords in C++ being used as identifiers in
             3. Symbol export mechanism of the kernel not
                 being able to identify C++ programming
             After solving this issues with various
             workarounds, we were able to boot the kernel
             and run it on a system successfully.
  • Recent Developments

    1. OO Linux Kernel

      As a part of Software Engineering Theory and Practice course, 35 students of MTech 1st year are working under guidance of Prof. Janakiram to come up with significant abstractions in Linux kernel. They are then planning to implement the same in C++ in order to take the benefits of inheritance, polymorphism etc OO concepts for the ease of maintainability and understanding of Linux kernel as a large scale software system.

    2. GCC Workshop by Prof Uday Khedker, IITB

    3. A workshop on GCC, titled "Demystifying GCC through gray box probing" was conducted in dept of CSE, IIT Madras by Prof. Uday Khedker from IIT Bombay on September 13, 2010. The idea behind this workshop was to make students aware of GCC and its decisions in compilation using a technique called gray box probing. This also helped the group of students working on Linux kernel project at IITM as GCC and Linux go hand in hand and are highly dependent on each other as Linux kernel is compiled by GCC and many optimizations in kernel are based on this fact.

  • Project Publications

    1. V Rajani, A Kumar, D Janakiram -  Xi-Calculus: A Calculus for Service Interactions, IEEE ICSC , 2010

    2. N Suneetha, D Janakiram - Message filters for hardening the Linux kernel, SP&E, 2010

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