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CDAC Chennai

C-DAC Chennai and AU-KBC Research Centre were the implementing agencies during the phase-I OF NRCFOSS. Product development was the prime focus area of C-DAC Chennai, the prime focus area of AU-KBC Research Centre was HRD.


As part of the phase-I of NRCFOSS, C-DAC Chennai during the course of the project tenure has come out with an Indian Linux distribution termed as BOSS GNU/Linux. BOSS Linux desktop edition version 3.0 was released in DIT, Delhi during September 2008 and the advanced server version of BOSS Linux was released during IndiaSoft Kolkata February 2009. NRCFOSS also developed the portal using open source content management tool and which reflects FOSS events in the country. NRCFOSS has also worked on the Service Oriented Architecture framework (SOA) using Open Source tools and an application for PoC was ported on to the SOA framework. A number of training programmes /workshops / seminars were organised. C-DAC Chennai NRCFOSS team would like to continue the efforts in the area with its rich experience gained during the project tenure.

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