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Digital India


  • Anumaan – a predictive text entry system for people with writing disability
  • SuTra – An Intelligent Suggestive Translator for Localisation
  • e-Svaasthya – An open source Hospital Information System for India
  • Enhancing accessibility for FOSS Desktops – this project aims at making the Linux Desktops usable by the differently abled people like the Blind, people with motor disability, people with memory problems, etc.
  • Development of knowledge bank repository for scientific/education/e-Governance applications
  • Marathi Tutor - A constructive learning environment for learning Marathi, done in collaboration with ETU
  • Subjective Evaluation Framework – a tool providing a framework for subjective evaluation in universities, done in collaboration with ETU.
  • RE portal – a platform which will aid reinventing the current education process in India. This project is done for IBM.
  • Shiksha portal – a platform developed for collaboration among teachers all over India, currently being used by the CII foundation to promote teacher collaboration.
  • Drishti – An EMR solution for Ophthalmology, a system developed for Sankara Eye Hospital
  • Student portal – a platform where teachers/ industry players can put their ideas which students can take up to implement and give back to the open source community
  • Innovation Portal




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